Our Service Offering

While selecting investments is important, it is one piece of the puzzle.  Equally important is financial planning, which comprises analyzing your financial situation, understanding your financial goals and determining the resulting targeted investment returns.  By knowing what your targeted investment returns are, Octavia can best determine your investment portfolio allocation.  Octavia guides clients through the financial planning process and then constructs the appropriate investment portfolio, which Octavia manages for a fee.

Octavia’s wealth management service encompasses:

Financial Planning.  Octavia built a proprietary planning tool that analyzes your financial situation to forecast future annual cash flows and net worth.  With this tool, Octavia can determine the required return on your investment portfolio to achieve your financial objectives.  Octavia regularly reviews your personal situation and as needed updates the planning tool and the resulting investment return target.

Investment Portfolio Construction.  Knowing your required investment returns, Octavia constructs an investment portfolio.  Octavia currently offers five investment strategies to satisfy the various investment needs of our clients (see the Investment Strategies tab for a description of each).

Investment Portfolio Management.  After constructing the investment portfolio, Octavia manages it, making periodic changes when appropriate and taking into account tax implications.  Octavia charges an asset management fee for the on-going management of your investment portfolio.  Octavia does not charge for the Financial Planning or Investment Portfolio Construction elements of our wealth management service.

Financial Advice.  Octavia appreciates that you have financial decisions to make beyond your investment portfolio.  For example, should you buy an investment property or invest in a start-up or refinance your mortgage?  Or, how best can you save for your child’s education.  As an Octavia client, we help you think through these choices.

Our Differentiation

 Octavia differs from the typical investment advisory service in several important ways:

Deep and Diverse Financial Acumen. Portfolio manager and founder, Andre Kovensky brings to Octavia over 20 years of experience in investment banking, private equity and executive management, having held finance positions at firms such as Credit Suisse, Citigroup and Lone Star Funds and the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer positions at PGM Holdings (Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company).  These experiences provide Andre a knowledge and perspective not found in most investment advisors.

Alignment of Interests. Octavia was initially founded as a way for friends and family to participate in the same investments that Andre, as portfolio manager, makes in his own accounts. Andre has invested a substantial portion of his personal net worth in the investment strategies of the firm, resulting in a natural alignment of Octavia's financial interests with those of our clients.

Breadth of Investment Options. Octavia provides a diversity of investment strategies to serve the varied requirements of our clients.

Low Cost. While Octavia provides a high level of service to our clients, Octavia's fees are substantially lower than the typical investment advisor.

Our Business Model

Octavia does not directly hold client funds or securities.  Our clients set up their own brokerage accounts and grant us the right to buy and sell securities on their behalf at our discretion as their agent. At any time, our clients can contact the brokerage firm and revoke our right to execute transactions in their accounts. 

​In consultation with our clients, Octavia makes allocation recommendations across Octavia’s different investment strategies to best match our clients’ investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk preferences.  At any time our clients can request a change in their investment strategy allocations.

Octavia is a fee-based advisor paid through management fees based on a percentage of assets under management. Octavia is not compensated for transactions. The client pays for transaction fees.

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Octavia Investments LLC ("Octavia") is a Registered Investment Advisory firm providing wealth and investment management services.